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    hey guys, I'm having some trouble with a practically new hp pavilion laptop. It's got a WPC54GS that was on it since I can remember. Well, Windows XP was rigged specially to go on my step mom's work network so it was really not able to be used as a fully functional computer as you can probably imagine. Well... tonight I got the opportunity to mess around with this bad boy and I have Freespire Linux (it's like the free version of the $50 Linspire a.k.a. Lindows) running on it as of 8:30 P.M. today. Okay so now I'm loving up the computer and I am trying to ignore the fact that I can't load up web pages. Anyways, I know everybody will look at using that laptop as a bad thing if I can't get this WPC54GS card to work. It's from Linksys and apperantly Linkysys didn't make anything so it could be used on linux. SO.... I need someone to further explain to me what I am supposed to do to get it going. I found this quick tutorial online:
    1. Use Synaptic to get ndiswrapper-tools
    2. Get the windows drivers, and copy the .sys and .inf to somewhere (say /home/<yourusername>/Linksys/)
    3. Open terminal, and enter the following commands:
    3a. cd Linksys
    3b. sudo ndiswrapper -i <name>.inf (mine was lsb something, but I just renamed it to linksys.inf as it makes it easier). The screen should show something about Forcing parameter RadioState|0 to RadioState|1... mine had 4 lines.
    3c. cd /etc/ndiswrapper/
    3d. Edit all the .conf files, look for the line RadioState|1 and change it to RadioState|0 (to do this, I had to type sudo gedit and open the files from the GUI... gedit didn't quite like opening files with \: from the command line, not sure why) I'm not sure if just changing one or two files will work, but I just changed all 4.
    3e. sudo modprobe ndiswrapper
    3f. (optional) sudo echo ndiswrapper >> /etc/modules
    3g. sudo iwlist wlan0 scan (look for your access point in the list)
    3h. sudo iwconfig wlan0 channel <X> essid <ESSID> mode Managed (the X and ESSID should come from the iwlist)
    3i. sudo ifup wlan0

    I'll be honest IDK how to do much of this...I never really used linux before. If somebody could give me a very detailed walkthrough on what to do here, I'd really owe you one. I need this done not only for me, but for the rest of my family... 4 kids and 2 hard working adults in the house requires some serious networking and I just don't know how to do everything this guy is trying to say.
    P.S. I found that tutorial on this page:
    I also, as far as I can tell, can't easily connect to the network with a cable (it's certainly possible but it may be of bother) so if it is possible at all could someone try to compile a file package that already has what I need to put on there, i could put it onto my portable HDD, load it up into freespire, and take what I need from it there... thanks so much, I absolutely love pspmod not only for it's great style but also for it's members. It's like being part of a family here.
    Hope you had a nice XMas! Help me modding my original Xbox. See my thread in Anything Goes Here forum
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    Linux doesn't play well with wireless chipsets yet, namely integrated laptop chipsets (like yours) and usb dongles. You might be able to get your integrated card to work with ndiswrapper, but stay the hell away from USB wireless cards They won't even work in ndiswrapper 90% of the time.

    You'd have better luck buying a PCMCIA wireless card that is listed on one of those Linux hardware compatibility lists, you can usually buy a great PCMCIA wireless card for around $50 at your local Staples or Best Buy.
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