Thread: Do you belong to an online clan??

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  1. #1 Do you belong to an online clan?? 
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    If so tell us about it.

    I use to belong to a Halo2 clan, but that died off. But will be looking to form another one for when Halo 3 comes out
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    I am still in a clan that dates back to the beginnings of Fire Team Bravo 1. It's had to change it's name a few times though. We were at one time ranked 42 on socomarena... It's still around, but no one really plays FTB2 because of all the hackers. We'll be back with Tactical Strike.
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    im in Irish legendz halo 2 clan. we dont do nothing though i just use it as a second friends list.
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    I've been in dozens upon dozens of counter strike 1.6 and Quake 1 TF clans, but i've been to busy for stuff like that the past couple years...

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    I was in Unreal Tournament, FTB2 (Hackers SUCK! >=[) Quake, and a Pool clan too. All of them died...*sigh*
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    me and my friends just made a clan xX TnT Xx and we play alot of gears of war and we cant wait till halo3 comes out so we can own other clans
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    Yup Call of Duty 2... EsU... clan leader... PC!
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