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    Post your first experience with a brick or a semi-brick.

    I had just figured out how to make topmenu's, and I was helping a friend with making his. He finished his, and wanted me to test his out. So, I took it, and flashed it in. I sat there for a second, and got out of PSP Filer.... Nothing happened. No screen, no noise, nothing. I did a hard reboot, and still, nothing...
    I flipped out!
    I was freaking out, and thought that my friend bricked me, and my PSP was dead. I was all pissed because I had a few custom things of my own at the time(Brittany's sweet coldboot, and icons, waves, font, gameboot...). Near tears, honestly. Pete tells me he is sorry that he semi-bricked me, but I have to go back to 1.5. I had downloaded the 1.5 package, and was all ready to go. I had just thought of an idea. I put PSP Filer into psp>game> recovery/recovery%, and ran it through recovery mode... Saved my PSP life.

    It wouldn't have as scary if I had access to my PSP's flash(0) via USB...

    So that was my single scariest moment about my PSP. But it's a good experience afterwards, and you realize that a semi-brick is nothing big.
    Post yours, and you don't have to make it that long either.
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    lmao wow good one

    mine story

    last sunday, is wen i started modding

    one sunday morning, i decided to put xmb themes on my psp. i though hey nothing would happen... but i was wrong.. very wrong... i didnt back up my files. and it would stay at the blue screen of death i was flippin sh** but then i learned i could easly go back to 1.5 lol

    my journey

    3.90 M33
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    i was upgrading to 303C and i was reading david blaine's biograhpy and i wans't paying attention and i rebooted the wrong way. but the motherboard i bough for 46 bucks should get here in a few days.
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    i goofed on trying to change my theme, but i got it fixed through the recovery, glad i read up on it ahead of time.

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    never for me

    I'm a pro
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