I've noticed a lot of really tense arguements lately over lots of silly stuff and i decided to give the crazy threads a break and embark on a highly serious and scientific debate. here are the absolute facts, and even if there are some anomolies where they do not in fact occur, in the name of the science god, bill nye the science guy, we will look beyond them.

A.) Cats always land on their feet.
B.) Buttered Toast always has the natural tendency to land butter side down.

The Hypothesis: In the future, all floating cars and trams will not be powered by rockets, but by attaching a buttered peice of toast and a cat together in the right combination to where they cancel out murphy's law and the fundamental constants and are unable to land on the ground. floating for eternity with the ability to hold up millions of pounds of whatever.

correct me if i'm wrong, but think about it.

also don't do drugs.