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    Hey there is this new game im into call bite fite.
    I am running low on gold so if you could just click this link
    it will get me 3 golden coins every time someone clicks on it. But i don't think the same person can do it more than once. So if u clicked the link. Thanx if you didn't o well. YOu could also join this game. if u need help getting around in the game just im me on aim x0oCLiffORDo0x
    Send me a message on myspace

    Thanx alot to every body(clicked or not)
    BlackBerry Messenger-30651FFA

    If you need anything you can reach me there pretty much always =P
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    Clicked. Apparently I lossed 3.75 ounces of blood.
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    yeah i lost about 4.2 something blood
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