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    This may not really be major but I say in a few weeks or in a month or so we should get as many members online and have each one post at least once to increase the number of posts and most people ever online.This may or may not sound stupid to you but I bet it could increase number of members and other stuff. I will be creating 3 different event banners in photoshop and if you want you can post them on other servers or in your signature and other stuff. Tell me what you think.



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    Posting just to post is spamming. There is no point in faking a most members online amount, why does it matter how many posts we have or how many people come online at once? This idea has been suggested several times and everytime it is shot down. We don't need people to come and post just to post.

    Also, your sig is way to big. Please have only one image in the 400x200 range. If your sig is not changed in 24 hours, i'll remove it completely.

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    dood, get a girlfriend.....seriously....

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    this is the only banner we need.

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    wasted my time with this inconvienent post.can some1 lock this?
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    in before the lock

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    i was apart of the most users online thing so my life is complete and i could die in peace i dont know about you

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