I am helping out with transferring my sisters' Sims game and I can't figure out what I need to do to get the game in it's entirety to a disk. By that I mean I need the saves and the houses and their situations all on the dvd that way the game is exactly as it was when it was on this bugged down version of XP, without the bugs. The game doesn't seem to be affected by the viruses or whatever is on that hard drive. We plan to do a reformat and Windows XP again, this time the clean way.

So we simply need to back up this game's save data so that it can be saved from the reformat. I'd really appreciate it, that computer's hard drive has to go, but I'd feel terrible if my sisters couldn't play with their hard-worked scenarios. Thank you guys, I'm sure they will appreciate it. It's sims 1 BTW