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    1. Play great PSP games like GTA, Loco Roco, Killzone and future hits like Crisis Core etc.

    2. Play PS1 games via Playstation store or on Custom Firmware.

    3. Download and play demos.

    4. Play some great homebrew games like Pollo Pollo or Hexaxis.

    5. Play flash games on the go.

    6. Play UMD movies with their near DVD quality and falling prices.

    7. Convert and play all your own video to watch on the go.

    8. Use as a music play, an alternative mp3 player!

    9. View images and slideshows

    10. Memory card is compatible with many other devices such as phones, PCÃƒÆ’Ã†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚Â¢ÃƒÆ ’¢â€šÃ⠀šÃ‚¬ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â†¬Å¾Ã‚¢s etc.

    11. Use as an RSS Channel downloader for videos and music.

    12. Remote play features with PS3.

    12. Use with Xbox 360 and USB cable to listen to music in games and view images on TV.

    13. Downloadable content for games like Burnout and Killzone.

    14. Location free video streaming.

    15. Customizable wallpapers and XMB icons.

    16. Use a portable web browser.

    17. Can attach a camera via USB Chotto Shot/Go!Cam.

    18. Attach GPS device to the top.

    19. 6 official colours available (also the MGS:PO version).

    20. Customizable faceplates.

    21. Various mods available.

    22. Gamesharing features.

    23. Ad Hoc multiplayer.

    24. Infrastructure multiplayer.

    26. Can be used as a calculator with correct flash applications.

    27. Can be used as a calendar with correct flash applications.

    28. Recent price cuts make it more affordable.

    29. Lots of portals available.

    30. Millions of websites dedicated to bringing PSP content.

    31. New VoIP feature coming soon.

    32. Can be used as a light in the dark!

    33. Also with a black screen or if its turned off it can be used as a mirror!

    34. Game saves can be shared or downloaded easily.

    35. Games from any region can be played.

    36. Dark Alexes custom firmware deserves to be a reason!

    37. PSP software is always updated.

    38. Can change and edit coloured themes.

    39. Emulators can be used on it.

    40. Plugins allow for software modification and added features

    41. Greatest hits titles are of the best selling games and are cheaper to buy.

    42. Sleep mode/standby only loses 1% charge every 24 hours.

    43. IR can be used with some homebrew applications to make use of it as no official software uses it.

    44. Messenger is available on the PSP browser (MSN/AIM/Yahoo)

    45. Can send photos and images to local PSPâà ’¢â€šÃ €šÃ‚¬ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â†šÂ¬Ã…¾Ã‚¢s via Ad Hoc.

    46. Music is playable through headphones or speakers.

    47. Larger memory cards are becoming available and making others cheaper.

    48. Some PS3 games are set to use the PSP as a controller of sorts.

    49. Shareable PS1 game saves with PS3 to continue playing games at home and on the go.

    50. Analogue nub can be removed and replaced with larger versions.

    51. Games for all ages. E.g. Loco Roco, GTA and Mind Quiz.

    52. Various PSP packs available for different price ranges.

    53. Streaming highlights and replays at football matches next Premiership season!

    54. Ad Hoc games can be played online with X Link Kai

    55. PSP file management is easy (With 2.80 and above and 3.30 again)

    56. Changeable brightness for different uses, screen can be put to sleep when playing music for example.

    57. Different types of equalizer for music

    58. Can have visualizations while listening to music.

    59. Google videos can be downloaded to the PSP and Youtube videos can be converted and downloaded too.

    60. Those with exams can make digital revision prompt cards!
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    Good 60 reasons. Ill admit, when I first saw this thread, i thought there are going to be alot of dumb reasons in hear. But they all seemed fine to me. Accept for reason 32.Can be used as a light in the dark.
    Even though psp does make a pretty nice night light. I don't think any one specifically uses a psp as a light (in the dark) good job though.
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    haha nice list. I actually use it as a light every once in a while if I don't want anybody else knowing I'm still awake I will turn it on and point it at the ground so I don't step on anything. Great list.

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    You forgot the number 1 reason to own a PSP over anything else:

    1. Compatibility with multiple operating systems / hardware platforms.

    The PSP is fully compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows. Sony could have required a driver (i.e. the Zune driver) to access it, but they didn't and they just left it open to us.

    Now, I love the PSP, but let's touch on a few points which aren't so hot (so they can improve it with PSP2 )

    1. No OGG/Vorbis or FLAC support. OGG and FLAC are major music formats and they have been for quite a few years now, the reason all these music players are leaving out support for them boggles the mind. OGG is also much higher quality than MP3/WMA at the same bitrate. They are also free formats (as in freedom) so adding support for them would have cost Sony exactly nil.

    2. Battery life is not so great (but it IS 'good.') Clocking the PSP at 333mhz is needed to run some things smoothly (SNES/GBA emulators, some PSP games, etc) and it makes battery life even worse.

    3. The stock shell offers little scratch resistance, especially on the screen.

    4. The analog nub is easily lost, and replacements aren't cheap and are of poor quality ($5.99 for a 3-pack of cheap rubber nubs that constantly fall off? WTF?)

    5. Dust seems to have no trouble getting in the screen.

    6. Inbuilt 1gig or 2gig flash with an optional memorystick slot would be better than NEEDING a memorystick. Memorysticks for this thing ain't cheap per gigabyte. You can get an 80gb 3.5" IDE hard drive for the same price as a 2gb memorystick (about $50.)

    7. You can't see the screen well outside due to glare, even if it's on the 4th brightness level. On the other hand I have no trouble seeing the screen on my Zune or cellphone even in direct sunlight and at the lowest brightness setting.

    8. The power/WiFi switches break easily. I've had to replace the WiFi switch once and the power switch twice on mine.
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    61.It pwns.
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    yea that 61st reason is good. But then he would probly have to come up with 4 (65) or 9 (70) more resons. Cuz 61 is such an odd number. #1 route traveled in pa though.
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