Hey, since about 2 days ago, we all know pspmod was down for a while. We missed it very much. Any way. Iv seen about 2-3 treads on the exact same thing. FAQ's on the topic

Q:Was I banned? I thought that cuz i couldn't access certain places on the site.
A:No, there was nobody banned in the proccess of getting the site back on its feet.

Q:What was wrong with the site?
A:Probly to much spam, witch is another reason why i think the admin made a thread and rule about the minimal post untill you can post links, in an attemp to stop most of the spam on the site.

Q:Why were we able to access the site, and sections, but not any threads?
A:Because there is not spam in the sections

Q:Why not
A:Because no one can post link(spam) in the sections, cuz posting is only in threads.

Q:Why were we able to access PSPMOD E-Mail / Donation
A:Because PSPMOD E-Mail / Donation is only a page were you can make donations.
Its pretty much a whole nother site relating to this one, where you can help out by donating. By donating you can have your own pspmod email address EX: free2rap622@pspmod.com/net (wat ever it is)

I didnt' come across any other questions. If there are postem and ill try to answer. Please don't make any more threads about the site being down/ not working/ malfunction/ etc..... Thanx CLIFF