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    Ive been looking at buying a dvd player, I can see that some come with USB on board. Now im confused because I can not find any info on what the USB is used for??

    Can you copy video files to a USB stick then play them through the DVD drive??? This is what I think you can do but am not sure, Can anyone clear up this for me??

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    usb on a dvd player is used for displaying pictures (from attached camera, etc.)

    as well as movie files (as long as they are in the right format of course)

    I don't believe you can copy from the dvd player itself to usb.

    also, different models will have different capabilities.

    here is some info an a specific model:
    SD-V594 DVD/VCR Player with HDMI and USB Input

    Product Description Product Description
    The SD-V594 puts the technological advantages of a progressive scan DVD player and the convenient recording and playback options of a video cassette recorder into one sleek machine. And because it is so accepting of other new technologies, such as USB and HDMI, it can act as a command center between your cherished video memories and your newest digital media.

    Full-Featured DVD Player

    The SD-V594 includes an integrated DVD player compatible with several disc formats: DVD Video, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD and DVD-R. Want to bring your photos out of the office and into the TV room? Simply burn your JPEG photos to a disc and the SD-V594 will provide you access to a slide show of your images with a few clicks on the player's remote control. Alternatively, you could connect a USB mass storage device to view your images. Many digital cameras will support this type of connection.

    HDMI Compatible
    High-Definition Multi-media Interface (HDMI) is an interface format that provides uncompressed digital audio and video directly to a digital television. It represents the current state of the art in high-definition video and sound because the information never has to be converted into an analog format or compressed. Another benefit of HDMI is that it puts all that information into one cable and one easy-to-use connector.

    An added benefit of connecting the D-R5 to your television with HDMI is that the unit can "upscale" commercial DVDs, which are rendered at 480p resolution, to a digitally interpolated 720p resolution, which makes for a much sharper picture. Also, the unit's built-in MPEG decoder is able to display your JPEG files at higher resolution when connected to an HDMI display.

    Lacking an HDMI connection, however, the D-R5 offers 14-bit digital-to-analog video conversion at 108 MHz and component video output. This player is also DivX Home Theater Certified, which means it display popular Internet video formats, such as DivX, AVI, and MPEG4.
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