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    Hey Yall i know this might be the wrong forum but anything goes right? My question is for those of you whom have a PS3 have you modded it yet? And if so what website/forum did you use i have found a dozen of them and none seam as good as this site so i would pose the question here thanks yall.
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    I dont think many people would of modded there PS3's yet. Costs to much to do anything with it
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    There are no software mods for the ps3 yet. There is no way (other then installing linux) to run emulators and such. The only kind of mods you are likely to see for a ps3 at this time are case mods (such as painting the case) and controller mods (like adding a colored LED under the PS button). There are not any common mods for the ps3 yet.
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    Drizzle's right, there aren't any mods, no homebrew, no customizations yet...
    Soon though, very soon...
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