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    I was wondering if any PS3 owners out there would want to trade Playstation network titles. (yes it is legal, Sony allows downloaded games to be put on up to 5 different systems)

    I currently have flOw and am willing to trade it for almost any game.
    (really want Calling all cars, Super Rub a Dub)

    let me know if you are interested.


    For the "sender":

    1. Purchase and download a game from the Playstation Store
    2. Go to account management for the account and delete the billing information from your personal information if the PS3 saved your credit card info
    3. Change your password temporarily for the share
    4. Give login info (email address and password) to the receiver
    5. When the share is completed, change the password

    For the "receiver":

    1. In the PS3 XMB menu, add a new user account on your PS3 and sign in to it
    2. Select the network on the XMB and create an existing Playstation Network account
    3. Use the login information given from the "sender" to create the existing account
    4. Login into the account
    5. Enter into the Playstation store
    6. Click on "Download List" on the upper right near the person's userID and select the game you wish to download and hit download
    7. After game is downloaded, notify the "sender" that the download is complete so they can change the password to the account
    8. Enjoy!
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    I would but my parents won't let me buy games from the ps3 store
    My account

    Runescape Goals
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    I've got super rub a dub and would not mind trading for flow (I've gotten all golds in super rub a dub, its a fantastic game). Add me to your ps3 friends list and send me a message. My ps3 account name is D-Rizzle
    Also, check your pm's.

    EDIT: Actually your pm box is full. I was trying to send you a message with contact info (IM) so we could more easily communicate. Send me a PM when you clear some space please. Thanks.
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    sorry, pms were full, cleared some space up

    also, sent request to add to friends list
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    update- I now also have Super Stardust HD (an awesome game) and am willing to trade with any one who has Calling all Cars, or possibly others.

    Are there any other PS3 users that want to trade?
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