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  1. #1 The most dramatic video ever!!!!! 
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    You guys have to check this out!!!...

    YouTube - Dramatic Look
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    Haha the eyes.
    2.81>3.03>1.50>3.40OE-A>1.50>STUCK>Bricked>UNBRICKED>3.55 m33

    He's baaaack.
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    they have some funny ass remixes to this
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    did you see the james bond one or kill bill...
    the pervert one is strange also

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    rofl, I saw the headline and knew what it was immediately.......I saw this on attack of the show last week

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    This was all over my facebook last month, I didnt think it was going to get THIS popular, lol wow
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