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  1. #1 how do u text on psp 
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    does anyone kno how 2text on psp pleaz let me kno,preciate it
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    You mean Text Messaging? im not sure...but i dont think that you can
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    the only way i know of
    is by using on of the websites that lets you send texts
    is what i use
    but as it was said in the other thread about this you
    can't recieve messages.
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    I think this would take long to get going, but could work.
    1. Down load a homebrew app. that lets you Make text files.
    2. Download a file manager for psp.
    3. Make your "text message" then save it to the root.
    4. Use the file manager to save it to picture.
    5. Send it to the other psp.
    If your talking about sending a text message to a phone from a psp, then i have no clue. Im not even sure if this works. Id check but as of right now im pspless.
    You can get the downloads for this from PSP Brew - PSP Homebrew News PSP Saved Games PSP Downloads

    I got a little bored so as I was floating around the forum. I found a link to get the filemanager.
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    this link was posted originally by Julie......
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