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    i know but i hate it though.
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    That was....well, lame. Didn't laugh once.

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    super mega LAME....
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    wow I can't believe you guys I loved this movie. But live and let live I guess.
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    put it here next time, and that video sucked ass
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    watch the version that is sped up: YouTube - Charlie the unicorn - twice the annoyance -_-

    It's a lot funnier.
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    yep it sucked ass lame and not funny
    but matrixsucks vid is dam better hell of a lot funnier.
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    That video was weak!

    Now THIS is the best unicorn video ever:


    "In the year 2117, an eight year old gay boy named Shannon found a magic lamp, he was granted three wishes...

    The first, a fur jacket.

    The second, a flying car.

    and the third was...

    A Planet Full of Unicorns!

    This is the story of that planet:"

    YouTube - Unicorn Planet 1 and 2

    YouTube - Planet Unicorn 3

    YouTube - Planet Unicorn #4

    YouTube - Planet Unicorn 5
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    I saw this in January some time, i found it not amusing.
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    Thank you for helping me waste three minutes and forty five seconds of my life. That is time i will never ever ever get back and now its gone. Gone for good, never to be had again. Thanks
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    Andy never post that again, I think my new hero is Tom Cruze.
    I was Modded at birth.<br>
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    i think i rather surf the net on my psp than on ANY computer.
    problem is the D-pad.
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