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    When I first heard that the DAX was gonna stop making CFW's I was sad but then a little ray hope appeared 3.51 by team M33 I thought it was to good to be true and then 3.52 rolled out and I said I was gonna give it a shot, I'm not sure whether there are fixes to this things on the firmware but heres a list of stuff I really dislike about the firmware, First off before I start talking I'd like to thank the team m33 for their quickness on jumping onto the new firmwares coming out but it may seem to me as quickly as they get onto them it seems like they don't put the emphasis needed on the firmware as DAX has put on the oe cfw's, (on m33) I always have to put my settings (recovery) everytime I want to use an iso, second I can't use custom icons (not that I know of) and other themes and the most irritating thing about the whole firmware is that after I put my settings on my recovery menu I have to put my setting on the xmb as if I just bought the psp so in conclusion I would have to see another oe cfw (not that I know if that will ever be happening soon) before I ever again upgrade from my beloved 3.40 oe-a, post and tell me what ya'll have to say about the new 3.52 M33 hopefully it ain't all bad.
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    Well first off, if you're on 3.52 M33, update to the second update. Then run "Format flash1 and restore default settings", and change your settings back and they should stay put. Themes work perfect from 3.40OE-A, and there are 3.5X (meaning 3.51+3.52) themes out.
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