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    i need a sexy voiced canadian woman to record me a voice clip for my coolboot is there any kind 1s on here that can help me out???
    please dont start kicking off at me for being discriminate lol i cant help it if i love the canadian accent lol
    plz plz plz plz plzzzzz this is the last thing im in need of for my psp then it will be perfect!
    pm me if your willing to do this and help me out then i'll let you no what i want you to say because its top secret at the min
    lads you can also help me by tryin to talk your sis/mother or a friend into doin it 4 me!
    all i ask is the woman can do a REAL SEXY voice!!

    many many thanks in advance


    PS AND DONT WORRY ITS NOTHING RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    id like to thank the following people for helping me out even when they must think im a total retarded muppet but hey look at what iv managed to do lol many thanks go to....

    Pirate-M.Lifnen, the begginer, Major Zero, HALOBOY, Got rice?, stef_o36, Alfox, mime, julie

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    Okay what?!?!
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