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  1. #1 Some people have been asking me where I've been... 
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    So, I'm just going to tell everyone what's going on.

    I've been in Orlando for the past eight days. I had to go to one of my best friends' funeral. After the funeral the family asked me to stay for a few days to help his sister cope with what was going on. She was a complete wreck. I pretty much watched her grow up so I couldn't really say no. My laptop is dead and I had no reasonable way to get internet. That's why I haven't been checking the forum. I could have used my PSP but I traded it for a PS2 a few days before I got the call (funny how this stuff comes back to bite you in the ass, eh?)

    Anyways, I can still keep moderating the Linux forum if you guys want and I'd be happy to do it. This last week was kind of an isolated incident and it'd be rare for me to disappear like that again. I can still answer questions about Linux itself and all the PSP stuff I've already learned, but just know that I don't have a PSP anymore and I've no intention of getting another one anytime soon, so I'll be kinda useless on questions about brand new PSP apps and such.
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    Glad your back DarkED and sorry for your loss
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    MY deepest sympathies for your loss.

    Welcome back man, hopefully the future will bring better tidings for you and your friends family.
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    good luck man. Rotten stuff .
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    welcome back man. Sorry about the lost one...
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