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    im planning to buy a psp, but before i do, there are a few things i need to know...

    when i get it, how hard is it to downgrade to 1.50, and what is required to do so.
    if i do downgrade to 1.50, is it possible to get the features that come with the 3.xx series of firmwares, ie. flash. running on the 1.50 firmware..
    is it possible to modify the 1.50 so that games that require a later firmware, do not force the psp to upgrade to a more up to date firmware.
    if i do downgrade to 1.50, will this allow me to use homebrew software and homebrew games.

    lastly, is there an open sdk for the psp?

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    yes when ur at 1.5O it will allow u to play homebrew. Then u should upgrade to custom fw.
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    1.Not that hard. If its under 3.50 then youll be ok
    2.yes. You can upgrade to 3.03-OE-c, 3.40 OE-A, or 3.52 M33, THey are the best. They unlock homebrew and have the abilities of sony's official fw.
    3.yes using devhook, but i recommend using custom firmware like above.
    4.yes 1.50, devhook, and custom firmware are the only things that unlock homebrew.
    5.wuts open sdk?
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    Addition to the post above:
    5: SDK --> PS2DEV.ORG: Playstation Programming - PSPSDK
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