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    So, I know it takes a lot of balls for my second post on these boards to be about Datel's battery not being that bad. However, that is really how I feel. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just google search for "Datel ripping off homebrew" as that should find it right away.

    It just seems to me that, although it sucks that they don't give credit to the right people, this is a great idea. Living in South Korea, and not speaking much Korean (yet), it's pretty hard to find people who have modded PSP's, or even a PSP still at firmware 1.5 who can help me make a Pandora Battery.

    On the forum where I first heard about this, a guy said it in a way that perfectly reflects my feelings:

    "...Datel's product listing says it only includes the battery needed to boot into service mode (which can be done just by lifting a pin on the eeprom)

    However, when you place the battery in a PSP it checks for special files on the memory stick. Here's the thing: these files are NOT included. So the battery is basically useless unless you have these files.

    So to clarify the real work this hacker team known as C+D did went into the files on the memory stick. And that's not included in this battery pack, so... it is legit."

    So, they don't include the custom firmwares, a memory stick, or any of the files to put onto the memory stick. Yeah, it sucks that these people are making profit off of someone else's work, but that's what happens when people don't patent their ideas. Not to say it's right or good, but that's definitely a big loophole in the hacking business. Anybody tried to patent a hack to a company's intellectual properties lately?

    I personally jumped for joy when I saw these are available. Why? Because I don't trust eBay people enough to buy a Pandora Battery off of eBay, or any other auction site for that matter which isn't backed by a big name which I can either get my money back from for a product which doesn't work, or sue for false advertisement.

    Like I said, I don't know anyone in South Korea who can help me make a Pandora Battery for free. Even if I did, I don't want to change my current battery into a Pandora and then change it back after modding. I want to keep a Pandora Battery around so that if I brick my system while changing firmware, I don't have to rely on someone else to help me unbrick it again. I would buy an extra (Pandora) battery and keep it around, as well as my 256MB card which I would keep the necessary custom firmware/files on. I can download the files I need, put them on my own memory stick, but I can't download a Pandora Battery, or even make one myself as my PSP is not already using custom firmware, nor using Firmware 1.5.
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    I agree, I have the codejunkies "TOOL" Batt. and on the guide it comes with it says. "When a memory Stick that contains the correct data is inserted then the PSP will continue it's service mode operation"
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