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    I have v3.52OE. When I try to play .iso from Memory Stick.... SCREEN GOES BLACK & nothing happen.... after I have to restart PSP.
    But some of the .iso work normal!

    Can someone help me.
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    Bad iso rip.
    Did you take anything out of the iso to shrink it? Sometimes that messes stuff up. Try re-ripping the iso and let us know what happens then.
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    Maybe you have NO-UMD turned on, or maybe you have no UMD in the drive...

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    yea double check your recovery setting and set the UMD mode to M33 no umd or the sony np no umd(heard that one works well too) And you might need to go up to M33-4 if there is a compatability problem
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    I got it fixed!!! My flash1 was currapted.... i updated it & now everything plays well!...

    thanks for suggestions
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