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    idk, i'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled at 11:00, on one hand, i'm kinda looking forward to it cuz i wanna see how long i can stay awake after they gas me, on the other hand though, i'm probably gonna be miserable for like 24 hours. i guess all together i'm just a little weirded out. well, i know it means nothing to you guys but i had to vent somewhere. peace.

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    I got you beat.The bone marrow in my teeth was dead so I had 17 pulled in one day.Of course it sucked but I got some killer pain pills.

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    who are all these whimps gettin knocked out. i had gas, but it didnt put me to sleep, i was awake during the whole operation. i just had my ipod in listening to dave chappelle - killin em softly. best part was feeling the blood flow down my throat and into my stomach....
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmcd14 View Post
    best part was feeling the blood flow down my throat and into my stomach....
    Strange, when i had my teeth pulled there wasnt that much blood, especially as there were cotton swabs to soak any up, you either have severe problems or you talkin s**t, i know which i would put my money on
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    sacko likes to talk tough on these forums , I'm sure it was some post-grad dentist working on him lmfao.

    Aside that I'm gonna go for 2 wisdom pulls soon myself, The doc i know uses all the new gadgets that pop around, last vist i came in he had his laptop as his x-ray viewer, pretty tight stuff, no more of that clay/gum shit in your mouth, just a tiny looking camera for the xray.
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    Man and I thought that I had it bad. I had a cavity filled two weeks ago and now it got to where the thing has to have a root canal done, we all fill your pain .
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    getting teeth pulled dosnt hurt... i didnt even know he had pulled it out
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