Thread: So how about them Aliens and Predators?

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  1. #1 So how about them Aliens and Predators? 
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    Well the trailer looks amazing.
    Hopefully the movie will be as amazing as the trailer.

    YouTube - Alien vs Predator Requiem Trailer
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    That trailer looks awsome.
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    Too much gore, All the skull poping.. where the preds at?
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    With all the hype AvP:R is getting, it better be good. I didn't enjoy the first very much, but with Reiko in this one, at least I'll have a bit of eye candy.
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    videos been removed hope its as good as the last one, even though i thought it was over.
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    I dont think its gonna be that great story wise. Im sure all the action will be great. The last one kind of summed it all up.
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    yeah AVP has been in the talks for a very long time...

    I thought the 1st movie wasn't too bad, execpt when the Pred teamed up with the Human = lame... it should have been a free-for-all
    Ali, Hum, & Pred duke it out!

    honestly I just thought it was the movies trying to make more money... Hence, Freddy Vs. Jason... I thought AVP was another Vs. movie.. but it has a huge cult following and comics... Next we'll have Superman Vs. Batman...

    I will go and see the New Avp cuz... DUH IM A HUGE FAN OF PREADATOR!
    I just wish they expanded the history instead of just 2 movies, they should have made as much as the aliens movies...
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    i saw it in theaters it wasnt very good. the first one was much better i would recommend watching that instead. In this movie they dont focus on the predator helping the humans as much like in the first one. he just randomly kills people like the aliens.
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