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    If anyone needs any psp related file hosted, Il hook you up.. You can contact me through or any of the following:
    Aim: Stealthcp9
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    OK im really sry to ask about all this stuff you guys have been really helpful, but i havae one more question. On a wireless reuter does your computer need to be on to be able to go on the internet? Because i go on alot of roadtrips and was wondering if i could play on the road without having to do anything with the computer. I dop know that you have to make a connection but just wanted to know just this. THX FOR ALL THE HELP!!
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    That's right: your PC and router have to be on to be able to go/play online. But that doesn't really matter. The furthest signal your PSP can reach is only (roughly) 200 metres, so any further than that and you won't be able to reach the wireless signal from your router.
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    What if i take the ruter with me?IS it the same with WiFi or can i go online on the road?THX
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    I very much doubt you can go online on the road. And you can't carry your router with you because you need to plug it in to a PC or laptop. Plus even if you could, it's very likely that you'll frequently lose the signal and have to keep starting all over.
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    Can i just use a modem for connection? Do i need a wireless modem? LOl y does internet to be such a hassle, lol im not sure i want to buy one anoymore.
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