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    hey people, do u guys want to help and donate 1,000,000 to me

    i take checks but i like cash ^__________________^
    i deserve it
    - You... are not worthy

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    what the hell, do you want 1,000,000 people to give you a dollor
    cause it ain't going to happen.
    not even dark_Alex could get 1,000,000 of us, well maybe he could.
    i would give him money.

    if you wanna earn $1,000,000 your going to have to think harder than that.
    like this guy did
    The Million Dollar Homepage - Own a piece of internet history!
    or like the creators of

    EDIT: word of warning, don't go advertising this in other threads or it will get removed.
    just put it in your sig, and keep quite about it.
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    dude its all people giving me that amount, but dont worry it was and is only a joke thread
    - You... are not worthy

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