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    As you guys know, this section has been called for a name change. It is now called the "Off Topic" section. Too many of you took the "Anything Goes" section too literally.

    Here goes the rules:
    No advertising. If we see it, we will lock it or delete the thread. Keep your ads in your sig! (Like ads for your site, other sites, etc. Make them appropriate or we will remove them).
    No overuse in cursing. We all cuss, but don't overdo it please, just makes you look stupid.
    Try to keep messenger talk at a minimum although I will not lock or delete any threads or post with it in them, sometimes its hard for people to read. (Taken from Shalted's old Rule thread)
    No piracy talk. If I see links up, the person who posted them will get a permanent ban, no warning. If I see converstaions going, I will lock the thread and give a warning. No threads like: "Can someone PM a good ISO site". I will probably temp. ban you and give a warning with a locked thread.
    This has been RE-NAMED. No more pointless threads. If I see a constant creation of pointless threads, I will begin temp. banning people. Just use some common sence. Think before you post.
    6. Do not post inappropriate things, including pornography (Justinisloco)
    7. Do not make any "This is my ____ post!" threads in this section. This is not what the section is for, and furthermore, no one cares about your post count. Stop making them. (Pirate)

    That's all
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    Also, if I may add, one thing that sticks out in my head was a thread, where someone tried to post a video that was just disgusting, which also had porn.

    6. Do not post inappropriate things, including pornography

    and to add to the "messenger talk rule", if someone posts something, and you dont agree with it, and everyones saying the same thing, i.e. "what are you talking about?", we dont need 15 or 20 more posts of people posting the same thing. We get the idea in one posters response.

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    justin back???
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    Thanks, Ill add it Justin.
    If anyone feels that there should be more rules, or if anyone can think of anymore, please feel free to suggest some! These aren't set in stone Well, some of them are!:P

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    yeah right??
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    8. Thou Shalt Not Kill.

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    What the hell.
    You're an idiot.

    Why is it that every rule thread has to be locked, because there's just somebody waiting bump and old ass thread with a comment that makes no sense, and is just completely useless?
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