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  1. #1 Good bye.....hello 
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    Bye psp

    My friend convinced me to get an archos 605 flash over my prepaid psp white slim.

    I chose the ability of touch screen over the usage of games.

    Il come bye once in a while to say whats up.


    NVM im not leaving.

    I just realized i did something stupid. But IDC im keeping both the FATPSP and my Archos.

    But im selling my 4gb mem stick+2 games+screen protector.

    Lol i was planning on replacing the psp with a slim.

    My brother wouldve let me done that. But he cant play games on the archos so its a no sell situation.

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    erm...welcome back Lone Wolf VZ. Its not been the same without you, glad your back! :P
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    Heck If i sold my psp, I'd still be here... to a extent of course.
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    i just sold my psp last monday and im still here
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