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  1. #1 The PsP website evolution has begun! 
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    I have now started working on my next big site "for the psp" I just wanted to tell you guys because I did say that I was going to revolutionize psp browsing! I am not releasing the url yet for a few reasons.. One is because I respect this forum, and I don't know whether the admin or webmaster will take my site as a competitor or an affiliation. So as soon as I finnish il put it in my profile! I may also try to contact the admin/webmaster for a affiliation.
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    Ill visit your site stealth as soon as i finish developing software for the psp.
    if you want any psp stuff just ask and i will see what i can do.
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    Yeah, not bad, though to me there doesn't seem to be much graphical difference between this and the previous one. I think i prefer Codemasters' Colin McRae series over TOCA Race Driver though: they're both hard, but i find Colin McRae a little more enjoyable and a little easier to get to grips with.
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