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    I didn't really know where to post if a mod wants to put it somewhere
    go ahead...

    anyway I've been getting into video affects/editing lately and I've just started making some amv's(anime music videos) among other things and I think this is really the only presentable one (out of 3) that I've made...I'm hoping I can get good enough to do some really amazing stuff.

    just wanting some feedback on it...made it in windows movie maker because I still dont really know how to use the adobe after affects that I got(it has a lot of buttons so it has to be good right?)

    YouTube - flcl amv - finish line

    oh and if anyone else has any kind of vids that they made (or just like in general) mind sharing them?
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    Oh nice! Ive seen FLCL it was good. *a bit too short - 6 episodes* but its all right.

    Nothing to worry demon! its a good start and even though its your 3rd video; it looks awesome! and just like the ones out there.

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