The official cd title is Good Apollo Im burning Star 4, Vol II: No World For Tomorrow, but that seemed too long to fit in the thread title. NWFT is Coheed's 4 cd in the saga of The Armory Wars, a giant sc-fi story the bands frontman/singer/guitarist Claudio Sanchez dreamt up. The cd was released Oct 23, 2007 by Colombia Records. Now, on to the review...
Wow! Simply put: wow! I am biased in my review since i am a huge fan of the band, but this album blew my pants off the first time i listened to it. It sounds diferent from any Coheed record to date yet has styles from the 3 preceeding albums in it. The songs are long, epic, prog-rock masterpieces with long solos and intense riffage throughout.
The lyrics allow the listeners who care about the story to follow it but are cryptic enough that you can just enjoy the music for the sake of the music. NWFT is one of the darker Coheed albums but at the same time has some really pop-like songs to brighten it up.
Anyone who likes hard rock (not that nickelback shit, REAL rock music) will love this cd. Its going to be on my top 3 list for just about forever.
The cd case opens up to 2 circles with runes encasing the keywork (the triangle symbol) which then opens up to a scene of zombies, robots, and planets crashing into each other with the cd on one side and a dvd on the other side. I havent seen the dvd yet, but im sure it will be worth the extra $7 or whatever it was to get it. Theres 3 versino of the cd. A basic setup with just the cd and a slip cover, the Standard (the one i describer earlier) and the Deluxe version featuring beautifully big art by Ken Kelly, with 2 lps pressed on 180 gram vinyl, with etched artwork on side 4 and a free download of NWFT so you can actually use it on your computer.
My favorite songs are 'Gravediggers and Gunslingers' (a fast-paced in-your-face rock jam), 'Feathers' (more pop-like, but a really fin song), and 'The Reaping' (the short intro track, but its really dark and leads the listen into the dark mood of the cd).
Go to to hear 'The Running Free' and 'The End Complete', 2 really solid songs from the cd.