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    If anyone is down to play some Counter Strike:Source im getting ready to play, my steam I.D. is ViperLLD in game name is AfterShock

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    1,505 - TF2 Server, I don't do CS:S... too boring.
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    Oi, I'll add you. I play CS:S quite a bit (or at least I used to), and it's pretty much the only gaming I do nowadays.

    My steamID is boofinator (shut was like 5 years ago)
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    I have been playing CS 1.* since about 2001, hehe. I've tried playing CS:S and I just can't get used to the differences in motion.

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    i'll add you as well - i pla CSS every day (one of my favourite games) but i normally play gg (gun-game) instead

    Actually i added you yesterday
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    Dustin did you happen to play against Perfect::Error and Fatality yesterday?
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