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    Ok, well, I haven't been here for a while, I recently found my PSP again and am interested in getting back into this. It's still a virgin 1.5 with a 2gig memory stick in it. I hope the people didn't change too much on this site, but I hope a lot more people have joined and frequent the site. I'd appreciate it if someone could just tell me all the awesome things I've missed and what I should do, I plan on using it all day tomorrow so, lemme know guys. Thanks!

    PS: What are the best games out now?
    PPS: What new games are we all looking forwards to?

    Thanks Everyone!
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    The latest custom firmware is 3.71 m33-4. It has some cool features like themes from memory card and UMD video backup capability. Other than that nothing new, except for the new psp slim and ability to downgrade any firmware on the fat psp and the ability to get cfw on the slim psp through some battery method I am unfamiliar with.
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    Best game out there (according to me) is Medal of Honour, but Siphon Filter is winning a lot of awards.

    Also to upgrade to 3.71M33, you first need to install 3.52 M33. There are guides in my sig.
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    or mate follow my guide here, it will tell you how to update from 1.50> 3.52m33>3.71m33-4
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    Welcome back

    Best Game: Metal Gear Solid Portable ops.

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    The admin is inactive and now the forum is in total chaos of people double posting and massive spam.

    (Pirate M. Lifen and Sullivan(chinese people) are both mods now)

    Check out Metal Gear solid.

    EDIT: crap, Danny beat me to it.
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