Thread: OT - have dvd rip downloaded-- how to i convert to watch on dvd player?

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  1. #1 OT - have dvd rip downloaded-- how to i convert to watch on dvd player? 
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    Ok this seems like a simple question but I dont know how the process works

    I recently downloaded a dvd rip of a movie (I own the movie but it broke so its a legit download)
    Ok so now i have a downloaded movie its a format that im not too sure of it doesnt play in windows media player but it does in my VLC player(that will play anything)

    What i want to do is burn it to a dvd and play it on a dvd player.
    1. What format does a dvd play?
    2. if i have to change the format what programs convert to dvd format
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    You can probably burn an AVI to a cd and play it depending on how old your dvd player is. If not you are going to need to find DVD Authoring Software.
    I do all of my video encoding in linux, so i cant help you with programs (i assume you are trying to do it in windows).
    And please dont post the same thread twice.
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    Great thanks and sorry for the double post... this dvd is playing a key role in a date this weekend.. it needs to work!!!!
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    If you want to make an exact copy with special features in all, try DVD Doctor...If you want just the movie, you can try any .___ to .AVI conversion programs...What format is the movie in anyways?
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    or you could just use dvd maker software and it doesn't matter what format it example is windows dvd puts not only the movie on it but it also makes menus and background music for the menus
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    download Convert X to DVD its what i use and its the best. just add the file and it converts and burns.
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