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    dunno how many people use Digg on here. but recently there have been a lot of articles about the Church of Scientology. There is now a group of hackers now known as Anonymous that have been wrecking havoc on Scientology's websites, as well as claiming that they will destroy them. Though i dont think it's possible to destroy a group of people, i do find it mildly amusing that this is happening. i don't think kindly on the group for their stories of taking advantage of people. many have lost everything they own to pay for the books of scientology and the teachings.

    what do you all think about the attack on scientology?
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    I heard about it a while ago, and I support it.

    Oh, and anonymous is a group that bases itself in 4chan. They took down the CoS website by a DoS attack, and plan on doing some other stuff tomorrow. I fully endorse them.

    I am all for religious freedom, but I am against the mafia-esque tactics and secrecy of the CoS. They ruin people's lives. Oh, and it's written by a man that said "writing stories isn't where the money is, it's in religion".
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    I don't discriminate against different religions. But I still think that interview with Tom Cruise was weird... and I agree with whoever said it, but he basically is their mascot/icon
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    You have done it Anon. You have made it to the final boss of the internet! Use all the skills that you have learned along the way and defeat Scientology to rescue the princess!

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    eh i dont care. im not a religious person myself. but Scientology to me is a hoax and a scam. its funny what they're doing, when they could be doing something constructive with there time
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