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Thread: Behavioral Study

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    I'd like to ask you who started and lead this fight, read through all of the log and analyze the conversation, really get a feel of what's going on before voting.

    [18:01] <tweek>
    [18:01] <AnsoSoCraqzu> lol
    [18:01] <AnsoSoCraqzu> :3
    [18:01] <Tensei> anyway, terminology aside, I think the gratifier amp should work for anything metal related, it just needs the right tweaking
    [18:01] <AnsoSoCraqzu> I stopped with Xena, torrent sucked
    [18:02] * Joins: DarkeSword (~darkeswor@
    [18:02] <Yamato> futurama is awesome
    [18:03] <AnsoSoCraqzu> it is
    [18:03] * ChanServ sets mode: +l 34
    [18:03] <tweek> dont get me wrong, i love the animated tv shows, but i just never connect with them the same i do with live action TV
    [18:04] <Yamato> I hate TV
    [18:04] <Yamato> period
    [18:04] <tweek> and what might u call futurama?
    [18:04] <Yamato> a DVD torrent
    [18:04] <tweek> hehe
    [18:04] <Tensei> oh hey, Grouchy Smurf walked in
    [18:05] <Tensei> "I HATE TV"
    [18:05] <tweek> true dat. all my "favorite" tv shows are bought on DVDs
    [18:05] <tweek> hell, most of them i never saw when they actually aired
    [18:05] <Yamato> hey, hippocritical twat walked in
    [18:06] <Tensei> who?
    [18:06] <Tensei> DS?
    [18:06] <Dyne> he's talking about himself again
    [18:06] <Dyne> just ignore him.
    [18:06] <Dyne> ^_^
    [18:06] <Yamato> thanks, DarkCecil13
    [18:06] <DarkeSword> ?
    [18:06] <Yamato> er
    [18:06] <Yamato> fuck
    [18:06] <Yamato> nevermind
    [18:06] <Yamato> I'm going to go play with ableton
    [18:06] <Tensei> live
    [18:06] <Yamato> actually no
    [18:06] <DarkeSword> What?
    [18:06] <Yamato> charles ableton
    [18:07] <Tensei> DS, Yamato said that a hippocritical twat walked in, so I looked at who joined the room last
    [18:07] <Tensei> to see who he referred to
    [18:07] <Yamato> because you can't just look in a mirror and make fun of yourself anymore, tensei
    [18:08] <Tensei> I would do that, if it weren't for the fact that I'm pretty much perfect, so I can't really make fun of myself
    [18:08] <Yamato> also, I'm pretty sure that shariq hardly walked in
    [18:08] <Yamato> you can't just walk into moridor
    [18:08] <Yamato> I mean #ocrwip
    [18:09] <DarkeSword> What the fuck is wrong with you people? God, just shut up. You're making my eyes hurt.
    [18:09] <Tensei> k
    [18:10] <Yamato> You're making my eyes hurt
    [18:10] <Yamato> god I'm so lazy
    [18:10] <Tensei> god this is so not live journal so god shut up about your issues
    [18:10] <Yamato>                    
    [18:10] <Tensei>
    [18:11] <Tensei> okay stop it Yamato, now you're just trolling
    [18:12] <Yamato> I'm trolling?
    [18:12] <Yamato> you're so self-centered, tensei
    [18:13] <Tensei> will you just SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE I don't want some stupid discussion with you
    [18:13] <Yamato> someone's edgy today
    [18:14] <Yamato> you can just not respond to me, you know
    [18:14] <Yamato> I mean, that's how you solve anything, isn't it?
    [18:14] <Brithor> banplz
    [18:15] <Tensei> I'm not edgy, it's annoying that you're trying to start a fight in this channel, you obviously have social issues
    [18:15] <Yamato> I'm not trying to start a fight
    [18:15] <Tensei> ..
    [18:15] <sixto> ahaha
    [18:16] <Yamato> seriously
    [18:16] <sixto> come one, tensei. that was all you
    [18:16] <Tensei> you just dispute every point of discussion? but you're not trying to start a fight?
    [18:16] <Yamato> you're the one that called me grumpy smurf or something
    [18:16] <Tensei> grouchy smurf and yes, there's a fine line between a semi-joking remark and being an annoying fucktard that pretty much takes over the whole channel with his social awkwardness
    [18:17] <Yamato> and I'm doing this how?
    [18:17] <Tensei> <Yamato> You're making my eyes hurt
    [18:17] <Tensei> <Yamato> god I'm so lazy
    [18:17] <Brithor> good god
    [18:17] <Brithor> shut up
    [18:17] <Tensei> yes please
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    I'm not reading that whole thing, that's way too long .

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    the answer is peanut butter. NEXT
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    dont need this crap. just starts flame wars.

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