Thread: Good or bad idea for media companies (NBC) to claim copyright infringment on youtube

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  1. #1 Good or bad idea for media companies (NBC) to claim copyright infringment on youtube 
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    Do you guys think that it helps or hurts a company such as nbc, fox, cbs, etc to claim copyright infringment on 1-2 minute segments posted on sites like youtube or metacafe?

    The reason i bring this up is because i was looking through the news, and heard about tina feys "hysterical" appearance supporting hillary clinton on the last snl, and i wanted to take a look at the video. I went to youtube, and sure enough, nbc claimed copyright.

    youtube users watch 100,000,000 videos a day. (their claim) I found a trusted site that said that each user watches an average of 4 videos per session-100 million / 4 = 25 million users per day
    My opinion, is that you could not ask for better advertising. I completely understand them not wanting to put entire episodes online, but 1-2 segments, and they claim copyright? If i find something funny on it, im far more likely to watch the next show.
    i wonder if they know how many people they are turning off by doing that.
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    hurts. if they want to get there shows to the public why not use a medium like youtube? i watch old clips of south park episodes, now i have to dig deep. and i watch it on comedy central, so whats the problem?
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    I think its retarded. They arent losing any money by having it on youtube. If anything it helps the market because people that dont normally watch SNL wight now want to watch it, thus giving them more viewers.

    SNL was great saturday, you really need to see that. I missed it soooo much when the writers were gone.
    Very funny....not.
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    i think its the people that post whole music albums on their page, that is the real problem.
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