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    ok guys and gals, i know the rules well and all the important stuff. and this IS the off topic section. but this is what i strongly request and im desperate now to find. i am looking for the

    Blood Plus (Blood+) playstation 2 video game torrents.

    if i could buy these, i would but these are in jap only and are not coming over here so this is my only option. so plz dont chew on me for asking but if anyone out there could help me out in finding a torrent for any of the 2 games which were released for the ps2 back in 2006 i would really appreciate it.

    the games had some strange titles, but i can say that these may be the names.

    Blood + one night kiss

    Blood+ Souyoku Battle Rinbukyoku
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    why dont you just google for torrents?

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    As far as my understanding of the law goes, if the content is not available for purchase in the U.S., it was legal to download and own it, but once it became available for purchase, the downloaded copies would then become illegal. If you can buy it from a registered website in Japan and have it imported, that still counts as being available in the U.S. and any downloaded copy would be illegal. The content has to be completely unavailable to the U.S.

    I may be wrong, but this is what I've heard from more than one person. It doesn't help you find your games any better, but at least it still may be legal.
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    well it is not coming to america what so ever unfortunatly
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    actually anything that holds a us copyright is illegal. sony probably has one that covers their japaneese material (dont ask why, but they probably do) so this thread should be locked and if you are not banned you will be lucky

    luckily it seems the mods on this site are VERY fair and if banned it will be for a time sufficient for the crime, in this case not long if any

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