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    Well folks it's that time again. Time for laughter, time for joy, time for spending quality time with friends and family, and of course time for throwing your guts up. What you thought I was talking about Christmas? No its St. Pattys day! And even though I am a full blooded Welshman I still enjoy the sounds of a drunken bar fight.

    You might ask your self what does this all have to do with cooking. Well Mr. Smartass I am getting to that. Before you go out to the bar with your buddies. The morning of you should prepare a home cooked meal. Yes you can cook a whole meal in matter of 10 hours with minimal maintance.

    Well my wife does all my cooking, how does this pertain to me?

    Well it doesen't jackass, why did you even take a look at this topic in the first place.

    For those that are unfortunate due to one reason or another like my self. (Damn woman can't cook worth a shit) we must relie on our own. Now on to the cooking part of this.

    Here are the things you will need.

    Crockpot A must have.
    Big Spoon to stir.
    Corn Beef Brisket about 3lb's
    Porn of choice
    6 Pack of Beer your choice.

    This is a very simple process so it should be hard to fuck up but just incase I will walk you threw it. First Put your corn beef brisket into the crock pot. Fill the crockpot with just enough water to barely cover the brisket. Looks like shit don't it? Second take a cuttingboard WARNING! I don't know if any of the you have seen the BME Pain Oylmpics but I just seen it the other day for the first time. This is NOT proper use of the cutting board. If you value your ding dong you will not emulate that video in any way shape or form. Wash and Chop up about 3 Celery sticks. Do This to the onion as well about a cup worth of Celery and a half a cup of onion.

    Third Chop your carrots up in to smaller carrots. DUH! Place all this shit we just cut up into the crockpot. Turn setting to low cook for 10 hours. Step four: Grab porn and 6 pack sit down and catch a buzz. Read Porn!

    Hope you enjoyed this I am cooking this as I am typeing this.
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    I know how to make "feijoada", here in Brazil its a kind of cooking beans, you will love it hahaha ;P

    also some kinds of drinks (hmmm... keeping interesting) I know how to make

    everyday I cook my lunch, I work near of my house (almost 15 minutes walking) so when its time to lunch, I go to my house, make my lunch, eat and go (fast!) to my work again :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Clegro View Post
    No its St. Pattys day! And even though I am a full blooded Welshman I still enjoy the sounds of a drunken bar fight.
    Youre so lucky, Wales have all the Pot Noodle Mines lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Clegro View Post
    No its St. Pattys day!
    Erm. My town has the biggest St Patricks day celebration in the whole of Mainland UK. Could even rival Ireland, Or New York!
    Anyway, no doubt at lunch time ill be out of school, in between all of the drunk filled jakeys listening to the ceili music.

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