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    I'm doing a presentation about a subculture that I belong to for Sociology Class. I chose to do it on my "internet forum user" subculture.
    Basically, I need to identify and discuss all of the elements that make a subculture, a subculture.

    The elements are as follows:
    Material Culture
    Values and Beliefs
    Folkways, Mores, and Sanctions

    Now, I've got about 20 slides on Language alone, so I don't need that, and I've got a few examples of the rest I suppose, but still.
    If anyone is willing to lend a hand, help me find out what we use as symbols in our forum lives... and maybe the other stuff up there too.

    Edit: I also need pictures of these. If you have good pictures that display one of the above elements, could you post those too haha.
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