Thread: L change the worLd. a movie that needs to be found

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  1. #1 L change the worLd. a movie that needs to be found 
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    hello everyone. morris1113 here of T.B.O.G

    what we are doing right now is looking for this particular movie. anywhere at all if possible with English subs or not.we dont care what sub it is , but we just wanna see it and have been waiting for a logn while to look for it.

    and if anyone can tell us where we can find the book

    Another Note - The los angelas BB murder case files, then that would be great too.

    yes we're DeathNote fans. but not kiss up lovers like fan girls and such. its a cool show, but the movies seem to be the only ones that got the story right
    - You... are not worthy
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    im also looking for the movie. but with an english subtitle. and the book, go to ebay, search the book title, click lowest price+shipping, then click buy-it-now only. i got mine for $15.67
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