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    this is my first Debate thread "OMG am i serious" yep and here is a doozie

    what would you prefer

    an awesome Tales game. or an awesome Final Fantasy Game?

    i personally love them both. but it seems there are more tales games that i like then i do final fantasy games. not to mention Tales of Eternia beat the entire lot hands down. including ff7 along with others.

    what do u guys think?

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    I don't think I'm qualified enough to really debate this.. I've only played Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Phantasia. They are great games, but I don't think they're as good as Final Fantasy IV, VI, VII.

    Perhaps I should give some other Tales games a try...

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    I've playe Tales of Symphonia and I still thing that final fantasy still kicks ass.
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    I think in terms of style and plot, Final Fantasy wins

    In terms of controls and story flow, tales win.

    So if Tales took over Final Fantasy and made a game like tales with final fantasy character. It'll be really kickass.

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    the tales games are good but u cant really compare them to final fantasy as their is so many more final fantasy games...

    if u take say final fantasy 6 and tales of phantasia.. i remember playing both those games as a little kid and i loved them both..

    wat do u believe is the best game from the tales series? and which is ur favourite from the final fantasy??

    i love my old skool games so im say phantasia and ff6
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