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Thread: GTA IV...360 or PS3?

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  1. #1 GTA IV...360 or PS3? 
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    a couple of months back i made a poll saying which game is more anticipated ( and 64.86% (out of 37 votes) said that GTA4 is worth-more with less than 30 days from its release date...who do you think will sell more... the ps3 or lets break this thing down

    360: m$ spent $50 million for EXCLUSIVE DLC...which can say the microsoft is scared, and really need the income (for gaming purposes)...and there has been a lot of people saying that they games look much better on the 360

    ps3: well, the GTa series was brought up with Sony being the only contractor, until GTA3...but it still sold more on the many GTA fans are usedto the playstation controller...

    so what do you think? what will sell more? me? im going for the PS3..because it fits it, unlike the xbox
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    Also going for PS3...just feels right to play GTA on Playstation hardware..

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    I like 360's, but GTA games were almost like a trademark for the PSX and PS1, kind of like Xbox and Halo.
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    any time i try to play games that were originally sony-only (tony hawk, gta...) the controller just seems so cumbersome. So ps3 it is for me.
    ...and i own a ps3. That kinda decides it right thar, lol
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