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    im not some person who is all into protesting and everything for animals, but from what i saw in this video is really fucked up and i usually wouldnt sign a petition for something but i did for this.

    YouTube - Fur is Dead

    here is the petition if you want to sign

    peta2 // Fur Is Dead!
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    STFU Hippie!

    Were you not already aware that fur came from animals? dumbass!
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    i can think of many people i would like to do that to.

    especially the heartless douchebag above me.

    so, don't bitch. or come over to my house so that i may gut you and wear you around as a coat.

    the idea of fur is not only ridiculous in the industrial age, but scary to think of the level of production that can be achieved now.

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    The poster above is a prime example of how animal rights activists are totally messed in the head. In his little world, animals are more important than people. Somehow, harvesting fur is this disgusting barbaric act, but he has absolutely no problem with uttering death threats against his fellow man.

    Fuck you buddy, why don't you just go burn down a college and get it out of your system.
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