Thread: Possible for someone to hack a TiVo?

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  1. #1 Possible for someone to hack a TiVo? 
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    so im watching Jamie Foxx Show I recorded one day from BET on my TiVo. (DirecTV DVR) and a black screen pops up and strange numbers and letters appear on the upper left.

    today I tried to watch some Mythbusters. (recorded from Sundays marathon) I can hear it playing, and FF and REW. nothing shows up but the screen I had just come from... FrOzEn! I can exit it still though

    and when I to watch Nick2,whatever is on TVland comes up... FrOzEn!

    I dont knowif I dont get some other channels. I know I get Cartoon Network tho.

    if anyone has problems like this with the DirecTV DVR, tell me and if u fixed it..
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    use google its on there in the next page cuz i fixed mine

    who knew it would be so boring...
    ........................................not watching anime
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