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    just was looking through my posts and thought it was funny viewing some of my old ones. dont post yours unless your at least over 300.

    heres my first actual post on
    im a Noob so call me one and hit me
    thnx everyone for hitting me and saying hi and liking my avatar..Im going to go unnobitize myself lol
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    ok im new here and to PSP modding so dont flame me too bad...

    one night i bought a psp, wanted to hack it so i downgraded it to a 1.50, then i wanted a CFW so i downloaded (what i thought) was becus25's CFW. it wasnt. it was an upgrade that no one bothered to labeled. anyhoo after running it on my psp, it crashed. and now i have this weird... semi brick/brick thing going, like its acting as it is bricked (no backlight) at some points when i turn it on but other times i can access the recov mode but it goes out after a few mins. so what should i do?
    superbricks suck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate-M.Lifnen View Post
    I've had my PSP for a little over a year now and up until recently every thing's been fine. But a little while ago, My USB Mode hasn't been working. Like every time I plug it in, it shows this pop up.
    I havn't done anything out of the ordinary. Well, I did buy a new 2gig SanDisk, from Best Buy, but it worked fine when I first used it.
    I downgraded too, but it was working fine then too. I guess it stopped working when I put a PS1 game(Resident Evil 1) on my card, and, later, went to take it out when all of the sudden that pop up, well popped up.
    So, now I have a 3.03OE-C firmware, and 2 gigs of storage, but they're useless.
    Any suggestions, or things that I should do? Please help, Thanks.
    I think this is my first post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chriscyco30 View Post
    OK im a real noob at this stuff. Just wanted to ask a few questions:

    Wuts up with these websites where u can download games for your PSP?

    Like PSPblender.

    Another is that this guy said he could downgrade any PSP, and i could downgrade mine by watching this vid for like 30 bucks, is that real also?

    Also do i need a certain thingy wutver to play like ripped UMDs on my PSP?

    And if 3.40 OE-Aallows u to play ISOs and CSO files, then wth is devhook for?

    And wut is so special about this motherboard thing, like TA-082? It comes up all the time. Like TA-082 users only or sumthing.

    Also to downgrade from 3.50, u need a certain game, Lumines. Where can i get it now? They dont sell it any more and now on Ebay there sellingit for alot cuz of a "hack exploit". And this would go with another question I asked before, if i can play ripped UMDs on my PSP withput a certain thingy wutver, can I just get a ripped LUmines and downgrade?

    ok that was alot of questions, but if u can please answer ans much as u can

    Me and my horrible grammar.

    My head is in shame right now, I feel like the asshole of the day.
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    on 08-19-2005:

    Quote Originally Posted by fubar42o View Post
    i was just thinking... god i used to own a DS... isnt that something awful??? thats like admitting you used to be gay...

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."

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    my first post:

    I put Tony Hawk's Underground earlier on my MS but I am unable to play it. The game loads up, and shows the title screen but freezes for about 30 seconds then the PSP switches itself off. I can play other games on my meory stick though. My firmware is 3.4 OE-A.
    Pure noob
    Quote Originally Posted by julie View Post
    i can only imagine you making halo references during sex lol

    "oh god... the flood is coming... ahhhhhhh"

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    mine was something about a professional faceplate shop...i miss the old members

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctighe View Post
    hey everyone. im new to the whole cfw thing, ever since i upgraded too high to ofw 3.72 (worst gaming mistake in recent history) ive been waiting for a new cfw to come out. so yeah. thats me
    At the time I thought you could just upgrade to cfw like updating to ofw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carp View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by canadianbacon View Post
    I don't care, 50 is a puss. Kayne is decent.
    50cent got shot 9 times...megalolz
    ya its pretty amazing.
    I'm a fag.
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