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    okay so i just got done talking with my girlfriend on the phone and we got in an argument...not for anything specific really we were just arguing and then i started to ponder why i was so irritated...we fight on the phone often actually and in person we never fight. so i've come to the blunt conclusion that i simply despise talking on the phone. once i found out that i hate talking on the phone i wondered why...and there are a great many reasons...for one you can't do other tasks while talking on the phone you have to be completely 100% in the moment with the person you are talking to so i can't complete other things. sometimes the person wants to talk forever and won't stfu and realize that i have shit to do besides having a pointless conversation. it's like i just want to shout at them and tell them that we need to stop talking and chill or something cuz this is FUCKING LAME. it's like why the fuck would you stay on the phone just to talk? that's the most pointless thing i could imagine. " what are you doing today?" WHY DO YOU CARE? seriously stop calling to just talk holy shit...

    can anyone comfort me by saying they agree?
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    i agree...

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."

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