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    Hi, I founded my own forum about psp some time ago, I know that i cant beat pspiso or sites like this, but I think that moderate forum and make topics for people is really fun.

    I need some new people, who will help me, so there is some jobs for you:typing:

    I need two moderators for English sections, because my forum is in English and Czech language.

    I need at least two graphics, which will make for me icons for forum, images for ranks and many more...

    Than I need some people who will post some reviews on games, I will give them special rank.

    Thanks all, I hope I found some people who want to help psp community.

    Contact me throught my forum hxxp:// (by PM) and change hxxp to http
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    Best help I can give is get the hell off of
    Try Vlexo, Ive been with them for free for over a year now

    All that is is PhpBB2 with some fancy mods (Donations, and the Home page thing (I might look into that one tonight)
    If you dont belive me, Check my site, Ive had that same Vista like skin for a while
    Winged Forest

    Then you can acsess the code, and Add on more features that are really great to have

    I have an Avatar script like this, But vbulliten Hates it
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    i need help with my site too ...
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    danny. im already a member of your site. im zackfair_13. LOL
    Hi, I'm Lea, formerly known as zackfair_13, nice to meet you
    i am not be held liable for anything that i may say if you become an asshole
    proud member of the site's resistance retribution PMD clan, and one of the three OG's
    psn = leablahblahblah
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    lol ...ooooh yhh ....thanks 4 signing up
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