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Thread: Average grades in school?

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  1. #1 Average grades in school? 
    Junior Member PSP User Warheart's Avatar
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    I am a junior in HS, and just wondering what grades everyone gets. THIS REFLECTS NOTHING PERSONALLY AGAINST YOU. This isn't meant to flame anyone, I just know a lot of people who fail at every class, but can code a computer in their sleep, and I know people that never go to class, and manage an A; A+ average.

    I myself was never very good in school, but this year I have a high A overall.
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    yah im doin realy bad im a freshman in HS
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    im failing every one of my classes
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    Aug 2005
    well, not too much to analyze at 4 votes, but a trend is already starting to show, we either do really well, or really bad
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    Well in england we get put in levels but for our big exams we get put in grades like A*,A,B,C,D,E,F
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    Jan 2006
    Obviously I didn't think this through, but I figured people would get mad at A+, A, A-, B+, B, B- choices. But I do see the point of doing either really good or really bad.
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    Well, I take 5 honors classes and I'm getting 88's and 89's in 4 of them. But, honors classes transfer to ten points higher in terms of on level classes.

    So in terms of level classes, my average was a 98 last semester, and 96 overall (includes freshman year).

    I need to actually try, since I need to get in the top ten percentile so I can get to a good college.
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