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    Anyone interested in joining R&D group in this forum?
    If you are interested, please post Pictures and/or videos of your Hardware Mods (PSP, X-Box, PS2, TV, Radio, Computer, toys, etc..). This will be your application for acceptance.

    Please no Pandora Batteries unless you've done something more to the likes of the switched pandora mod. That would count. But not breaking a pin or simply cutting a trace.

    Please only finished works and they don't have to be your original mods as long as you implimented it yourself (showing aptitued in modding skills).

    As with any team it is important for all members to be on the same page and speaking the same language for things to work well, so accepted applicants will be required to do a boot camp training to get up to speed on what is coming. Videos and projects will be assigned as part of it.

    The purpose of the training is to keep everyone up to date and on the same level of knowledge.

    Interest and desire is all that's needed, so no matter how big or small your mod, or how easy or complex, take advantage of this opportunity. Where else will you get free training and a chance to work with others on some really fun things?

    Show us what you got. We really want to see it... We being the a select few to start getting this idea rolling, working with Admin in getting a special section set up and start discussing project plans. Namely PvP_LostKnight heading up the team and myself assisting anyway I can (load balancing the over-head), and a few more members who expressed a great deal of interest in this team.

    Currently, we have an immediate need for anyone of PSPMod's Senior Moderators to contact PvP in regards to the forums and server backend.

    And an immediate need for hardware modders from all backgrounds and expertise levels to join the team.

    So please post your mods here, it may take some time prior to leaving the starting gate as everything else is prepped in the meantime.

    Serious inquires only please.

    Best regards now show us you mods! LOL,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electrohacker View Post
    Electrohacker - PM PvP_Lostknight.


    If you think you can mod and dont have anything documented to post, please PM PvP_LostKnight
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