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    u dont any program for this its simple just have no umd in and do the following................

    if ur ever listening to music on ur psp and u think its rather quiet put the hold button on and turn it over so that the screen is facing the floor........once its facing the floor open the umd slot and and put it to ur ear the sound will be much better i discorvered this this morning

    try it right now and post back and hope its help u!
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    sorry dont hear any sound improvement
    LOOK HERE join now
    Yeah im azn (>,<);;
    i got a version 2.60 psp ($250), 2 x 1 gig memory sticks($free , 1 x 512 mb memory stick($free) , 2 x 32 mb memory stick($free) , GTA Liberty City Stories ($50), Burnout legends ($50), Midnight Club 3($free) , Star Wars Battlefront 2 ($free) . Metal Gear Acid ($free), Total $350, and $420 of $free stuff priceless.

    PS:Willing to test out 2.60 downgraders
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    How the hell did you come up with this weird plan?

    did it come to you in a dream?
    Today has been the most beautiful day I've ever seen.
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    That should give Sony the hint.
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    Jeus it actually is a lot louder nice find
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